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What is Insulation?
Simply put, fiber glass insulation keeps your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Insulation uses less energy for your house to maintain heating and cooling and provides absorption for sound. Noise and sound can greatly be reduced from room to room with insulated walls. Commercial insulation can look quite different from residential insulation and our teams can help you understand the differences upon consultation.

Where is Insulation Best Suited?
Insulation is typically in attics and outside walls, but can and should be installed in other areas of one's house or building. Absolute can help with a full consultation to best determine spots for key insulation in your home, office, building or other structure.

Environmental Benefits of Insulation?
Fiber glass insulation manufacturers are doing wonderful things to be conservative with newer, increased production with recycled materials.

According to, "a life-cycle analysis is an appraisal of the environmental impacts connected with a product through an examination of the product's environmental traits during many stages including pre-manufacturing; manufacturing; distribution/packaging; use, reuse, maintenance; and waste management. In reviewing each of these stages, a life-cycle evaluation of fiber glass clearly shows its environmentally beneficial attributes. As an example, consider fiber glass versus cellulose insulation." View Naima.Org for more.